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ANTHEM Javelin Classes and Loadouts Guide (Updated)
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By Vulkk

There are 4 Anthem Classes in BioWare’s co-op Action RPG Anthem. This article is dedicated to helping you learn the unique elements about each Javelin exosuit – what gear they can use, how to build different loadouts for specific needs and expeditions, what abilities each suit has and much more!

Each javelin class has a special set of four standard abilities and an ultimate ability at their disposal. In the sections below I have underlined the javelins’s main ability categories for your convenience. You are allowed to have one ability from each category at any given time. This gives you a total of five special abilities to use in battle – one melee, two weapon-based, one support and one ultimate. Between missions you can swap your loadout to perform different roles in different scenarios.

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A quick word on Ultimate Abilities. These are the most devastating and deadly abilities for each exosuit and pilot. They recharge very slowly over time. The cooldown can further be shortened by defeating enemies and assisting your teammates in combat. Some special items (mods) can add an extra level of functionality and allow you to build the perfect Ultimate for your taste and needs.

Below I have fpr you detailed guides to each one of the Javelin exosuits.




Ranger Javelin Intro

The Ranger is the most balanced of all Anthem classes with good amount of firepower and tools to resolve any problem. It is the first suit you will get to use when you start the game. Not because it’s the easiest of all four, but because of its versatility.

The Ranger is capable of wielding every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons (which can only be used by the Colossus javelin).

How BioWare describes it: The Ranger javelin has a deep bag of tricks to draw from, and there is no combat situation it can’t take on effectively. With access to a wide variety of weapon types, the Ranger is a true wild card that can complement any team and any mission.

Storm Javelin Intro

This is the mystical suit in your collection of javelins. The Storm originates from the Dominion’s Northern home – Stralheim. Storm pilots have the ability to float above the ground without depleting any resources. The suit is also capable of harnessing the raw energy of the Anthem. It is kind of a glass-cannon type of class in the game.

The Storm is capable of unleashing huge amounts of elemental power onto the enemy, but is quite weak when it comes to defending themselves and withstandingReedy S-Plus 13.5T Competition Spec Class Brushless Motor AS27403, heavy hits is not their strong side.

The Storm javelin is capable of wielding every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons (which can only be used by the Colossus javelin).

The seals which are built into the Storm can use various gear to tap into the Anthem to release raw elemental energy in the form of kinesis abilities. You can equip three kinesis gear abilities total, one from each of the three categories – Blask, Focus and Support.

How BioWare describes it: With its elemental power and minimal armor, the Storm has a reputation for being a tempestuous javelin that can spell disaster for even experienced pilots. But ask anyone who’s survived a fight with one and they’ll tell you that there’s no doubting the strength of the Storm.


Storm Gameplay and Loadouts Tips
  • Storm can only jump once. Holding the button increases the jump time. Pressing it second time will make you float slowly back towards the ground.
  • Same as other Javelins, Storm can increase their jump by sprinting first.
  • Dodging with the Storm performs a teleport – moving you from one location slightly to the direction you point to.
  • The Storm’s kinesis shield while floating is quite strong, but its Health pool is very small. A Storm is nothing without its shield.
  • Storms are designed to play from above. Floating is the key here. As a Storm you will see each combat scenario from a very different perspective.
  • Storms prefer weapons with longer range. Sniper rifle would be a good choice, complimented with whatever else you like in the second weapon slot (pistol could be good too).
  • The Storm’s abillity to hover/float nearly indefinitely is a vital part of the gameplay with this exosuit.
  • The Storm is not very agile. Only the Colossus is worse. Always look for cover, preferably in the air – high rocks or other obstacles that will allow you to continue the fight from the air, while not directly exposed to incoming damage.
  • The Storm’s AoE is the best of all four Javelins.
  • I suggest you pick one long-range and one short-range abilities for the Storm. Even on higher difficulties it is unlikely that you will need two abilities of the same type (range, AoE effect, etc) on one group of mobs.
  • Ice builds are absolute overkill. Being able to chain-freeze enemies, while priming them for your own of your teammates’ combos makes  the gameplay not just much more fun, but also easier.
  • Use consumables as often as you can.
  • Storms are great both as a primer and a combo finisher. If you play with a friend, coordinate whi gets what abilities to get the most out of it.




Interceptor Javelin Intro

The last of the Anthem Classes is the rouge-like Interceptor. This is the smallest of all four suits. It fits perfectly with players, who prefer the “sneak in, destroy and get out quick” tactics. The Interceptor is very deadly, but cannot survive long on focused firepower from the enemies.

Interceptors rely on powerful blades and an interesting set of deadly abilities that make the class extremely self-sufficient and ideal for a support role at the same time. There are three types of technique gear for this suit (you can pick one from each category for your loadout) – Assault Systems, Strike Systems and Suppport Systems. More on these below.

The Interceptor javelin is capable of wielding every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons (which can only be used by the Colossus javelin).

How BioWare describes it: With its lightning agility and powerful  abilities, the Interceptor is able to turn overwhelming odds into certain victory. The Interceptor makes up for its scant armor as a true terror on the battlefield and an excellent addition to your javelin arsenal.



Interceptor Gameplay and Loadouts Tips
  • The Interceptor is by far the most agile (and smallest) exosuit of all.
  • Can use triple jump to cover great distance very quickly. Holding the button on the first Jump will increase your altitude. The second and third have limited capabilities, though.
  • Jump farther by sprinting first.
  • Like the triple jump, Interceptors can also triple-dash on the ground. To do that, hold the dash button.
  • Use the spinning roll-barrel while flying to avoid locked projectiles.
  • Interceptor’s shield also regenerates automatically after a short time out of combat.
  • The Interceptor is best when they can sneak in, hit hard and run away. Use melee builds to maximize their performance.
  • Use consumables as often as you can.
  • Loadout tip: Acid is your friend.


Anthem is designed for teamplay. The build you choose must fit both your gameplay style and the specifics of the next expedition (mission) you are planning for.


Combos are an important part of the gun-play here. Those are combinations of two abilities applied on the same target. Some abilities can be PRIMERS, while others can be DETONATORS. These abilities are marked with a special symbol. Below I have examples for you:

IMPORATNT! BioWare updated the icons for ComboROBOTERWERK New Drone Dual Headlight Nightflight LED Light (DJI Mavic Pro..., Primer and Combo Detonator.

  •  Primer – abilities used to put a status effect on the target and prime it for a combo effect.
  •  Combo – abilities used to complete a combo on an already primed target.

Each Javelin class has a unique personal effect added to their combos. I have listed them below:

There are four types of elemental damage. Each one has a unique effect:

  • Fire – Sets enemies on fire. Causes them to burn and take additional damage over time.
  • Ice – Freezes enemies. Restricts their movement for the duration of the ice effect.
  • Electrical – Applies an electrical effect on the target and turns it into a conduit that disperse arcs of electricity and shock nearby enemies.
  • Acid – Lowers the target’s resistances and increases their damage vulnerability.

When an enemy has an effect applied to them, marked with a little icon above their head, they are primed for combo.

The little grey “snowflake” icon tells you that the target is primed for a combo.

A special stat in the stat window of the weapon/gear will tell you how quickly the elemental effect can be applied until the target is primed. Additional gear perks can boost that effect.

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ANTHEM Javelin Classes and Loadouts Guide (Updated)
4.8 (95.29%) 17 votes

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